Consider this race if you're a university student who is up for some adventure!

    If you are a bold and fearless university student with a passion for adventure and travel, the Red Bull Can You Make It? 2018 may just be the thing for you. The race, which will kick off on 8 March 2018, is now open for application till 14 February 2018! 


    How it works

    Teams will have to cover more than 1,000 kilometers in a week before reaching the final destination, using just Red Bull cans as currency. This covers everything you need from food, accomodation and transportation to the next location and other adventures. The race kicks off on 6 March 2018. Two hundred selected teams from 60 countries around the world will depart from one of the five starting points in Europe – Budapest, Madrid, Manchester, Rome and Stockholm. They have one week to make it to the final destination in Amsterdam! The teams will create their own path by visiting checkpoints in various cities, completing as many tasks on the Adventure List as they can, posting photos and videos on social media.  Score is based on the Checkpoint Challenges, Adventure List tasks and social following achieved.


    Here’s how you sign up

    Participants of Red Bull Can You Make It? pose for a group portrait in Paris, France on 19 April 2016.

    All you need is a team of three who are current university students. It’s also open to international students residing in Malaysia. Application is via a one-minute video explaining why your team should be chosen, and submit your entry to www.redbullcanyoumakeit.com. The next step is to earn online votes before getting to the starting line. After the voting period ends, a panel of judges will select a team to represent Malaysia, and will be flown to one of the five starting points to begin the race.

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