WIN! Three sets of UV Bright from Kinohimitsu!

    21x will each win 3 sets of Kinohimitsu UV Bright worth RM285.90!




    Are you struggling from uneven skin tone and unhealthy skin? Kinohimitsu has just the thing for you! Kinohimitsu UV-Bright is a drink-out-of-the-bottle supplement that helps to sort out uneven skin tone. Its main content, grape seed extract, is clinically proven to treat dry skin, spots, wrinkles and melanin deposition. It provides skin with UV-protection against harmful damages for up to nine hours, repulse the formation of melanin, whiten pigmentation and lighten skin tone from the deepest layer of skin. It also prevents free radical damages by providing mcomprehensive antioxidant while repairing damaged cells. The three key functions of Kinohimitsu’s UV Bright are to protect skin from UV lights, brighten and even out uneven skin tones, and most importantly it helps with anti-ageing.

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