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    So you’ve saved July 15th for the SHAPE Fitness Festival 2017 and here’s why you won’t be sorry! The half day event will bring various workout sessions by Celebrity Fitness. If you don’t already have your favourites, you can try out all the sessions to see what you really like. The highlight of the event will eventually be the Glow Dance party. Yes! – it’s when the lights are dimmed, and you’re given glow sticks to move to heart-pumping choreographies led by the Celebrity Fitness instructors. 

    The carnival-like atmosphere will also feature many booths. You can try out and buy products from Skechers, get a free drink from JuiceWorks, which is specially created for this event, and collect product samples from the other booth operators too. 

    Our tank tops and T-shirts (for both men and women) from Skechers will feature a #shapeproud message as we are strongly on the campaign to promote body confidence to celebrate all shapes. After all that heart-pumping sessions and socialising, you’ll be going home with a goodie bag by sponsors CLARINS, Fitbar, JuiceWorks, Aiken, Davidoff Cafe, Colgate, CLEAR, Laurier and pslove.co! And no festival is ever complete without lucky draws and games, where you can win fabulous prizes! 

    Here are some of the sessions that you can look forward to at the festival! 


    1. Basic Yoga


    Start the day by learning the basic yoga poses in this class. Loosen the tension in your muscles and focus on the mind-body union. Open to all fitness levels.


    2. Power Yoga

    Poses are followed up with strength training while synchronizing one’s breathing pattern to each Vinyasa (movement). Attention is given to Tristhana (posture, breath, and focal point for the gaze). This routine strengthens, while stretching the muscles and focusing, improving the mind-body connection. Open for advanced yogis.


    3. Zumba

    A combination of dance and aerobic elements, thE choreography incorporates hip-hop, soca (Caribbean music), samba, salsa, merengue (Dominican dance), mambo, martial, and some Bollywood and belly dance moves to pump up your energy for the day. Open to all fitness levels.


    4. Body Combat

    Try out the world’s most popular pre-choreographed martial arts fitness program. This non-contact, high intensity class combines Tai Chi, Karate, and kickboxing to give you an adrenaline high like no other. Fight your way to the level of fitness you demand with one intensely fun class! Open to all fitness levels.


    5. Sh’bam

    Featuring simple but seriously hot dance moves, Sh’bam  is the perfect way for you to get into shape and let out your inner star shine as you gear up your dance moves for the after party! Open to all fitness levels.


    6. Strong© by Zumba™

    Strong by Zumba™ is a high intensity, tempo-driven training class with a ZUMBA twist! This programme includes a total body workout where multiple muscles are worked at the same time, and an after burn effect that will keep you burning calories up to 8 hours after class. Plus, you’ll get stronger and fitter with the explosive movements and core training. It might be challenging, but as the music and moves are synchronized in this class, you’ll be dancing your last track before you know it!


    7. Flexibility

    Join the flexibility class and stretch your muscles while improving your  flexibility and range of motion. Open to all fitness levels.


    8. Bodyjam®

    An addictive fusion of the latest dance styles and hottest new sounds, the Bodyjam class is a cardio workout where you are free to enjoy dance. The music and excitement in the air works perfectly to keep your heart rate high for the highlight of the day, our glow dance party!


    Event details

    Date: 15th July 2017
    Time: 4.00pm to 11.00pm
    Venue: Strand Mall, Kota Damansara
    Fee: RM30 (inclusive of a goodie bag and a free size t-shirt)

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