WIN! A Fitness First Platinum Trial Membership!

    16x will each win a Fitness First Platinum Trial Membership worth RM384.62!




    Get maximum results in minimum time with Fitness First’s signature programmes which focus on Dynamic Movement Training. Your options range from Pro Cycling
    and Freestyle to Group Training, Fly Yoga and Hardcore. There are five types of Flow Yoga classes offered here. Gentle Flow Yoga is to strengthen the internal balance,
    revitalize your body, relax the mind as it synchronizes movement and breath for mind and body connection. The Dynamic Flow Yoga builds stamina and increases strength and endurance. Advance Flow Yoga is more fast- paced with challenging poses to improve athleticism in a 90 minute class. Aerial Flow Yoga is therapeutic for
    relieving joints and correcting muscle imbalance, while the Hot Flow Yoga flushes toxins. This class takes place in a heated room to loosen up muscles and joints to increase flexibility and to have more freedom of movement.

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