WIN! A Toucher Hydro Therapy and Micro Meridian Aromatherapy set!

    26 will each win a Toucher Hydro Therapy and Micro Meridian Aromatherapy set worth Rm227!



    Toucher Hydro Facial offers a basic treatment that is suitable for all skin types to deep cleanse skin, remove impurities and maintain a healthy complexion. It is best when paired with Micro Meridian Aromatherapy treatment. The Micro Meridian Aromatherapy enhances the facial’s effectiveness. It also improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage which reduces neck tightness and headaches. Pure essential oils are used in this treatment to improve physical, mental and emotional health. Lavender is for relaxation, tensed neck, stress, insomnia and tiredness. Peppermint reduces headache, neck pain, fever, and muscle pain while Tea Tree oil stimulates the immune system and improve skin discomfort like itchiness and rashes.

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