It can be hard to keep your motivation up while doing a treadmill workout when it’s too hot or raining to run outside. Here are some ways to stay pumped when it’s just you and your sneakers, by Dr. Kate Hays, a sport psychologist at the Performance Edge in Toronto.



    Because running is repetitive, you can tap into transient hypofrontality, when the mind slows but heightens creativity. Take advantage: Think of a nagging problem that needs solving and see what solutions float to your relaxed mind mid-run.


    Mix up your intervals

    Amp up the motivational power of your running playlist: Choose a word you know will pop up in some of the songs and pick up the pace for 30 seconds every time you hear it.


    Narrow your targets

    You may be in the middle of a training plan or trying to lose a few pounds, but before you start each run, state your goal for that particular workout (faster intervals, longer distance, better recovery, etc). It’s easier to accomplish small targets, and accumulating these successes over time can make reaching your big goal more rewarding.


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