We checked out the Hopper Warrior 2016 competition by CrossFit Pahlawan recently and discovered five truths about this workout you need to know before kickstarting this regime.

    By Sophia Ivy Jo

    • You can scale any movement according to your own abilities

    It may freak you out at first, especially when you see how CrossFitters do it, but no worries, you will only work on how much you can handle

    • You will have more calluses, bruises and blisters than you can count

    With all that heavy equipment and rounds of routines, injuries are likely

    • You will form lasting friendships

    You will have friends and fellow CrossFit-ers cheering for you, always. You will make friends with people who share your interests share tips and workout stories with them. You know what they: friends who workout together, stay together!

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    • You may want to use weightlifting belts and Kinesiology Tape

    These are not accessories, they’re assets! Using weightlifting belts while doing heavy lift will protect your lower back, and, as simple as a Kinesiology Tape looks, it’s great for treating and preventing injury, improve your performance, and helping to protect your muscles.


    • You may find you’re not as fit as you thought!

    You will face time crunches, and rounds and rounds of weightlifting, a variety of pull-ups, plyo-box jumps, wall ball throws, burpees, sit-ups, lunges… well, the list goes on and on…and you’ll slowly but surely conquer them all!


    The 2016 Hopper Warrior competition, which was held on the 16th and 17th of July, was a true test of fitness strength and brought CrossFitters from around Asia to CrossFit Pahlawan’s box at Citta Mall in Ara Damansara to compete for the title of ‘Warrior’. The two-day event featured some pretty intense and heart-pumping challenges, which demonstrated not only how CrossFit works, but what you need to know before joining a CrossFit class.


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