• 5 Types of Dance Inspired Workouts

    Move to these dance routines to burn those calories away!

    The best part of fitness is that you can always switch it up. When was the last time you considered dancing for a workout? This can be one of those days you’d like to let loose and have fun.  So unleash the inner dancer in you and try gyrating twice a week to some awesome songs. Here are five types of dance workouts to include in your fitness regime.


    A combination or ballet and cardio, this workout includes Ballet, Yoga and Pilates. Sometimes the class incorporates light hand handled weights during the workout. That’s extra calorie burning. This gives you a flexible body and weight loss as well.

    Hip Hop

    We all wanted to be hip hoppers when we watched Step Up. Why not incorporate those intense beat and coordinated steps into your life? From the stripper squat to the donkey kick, hip-hop inspired workouts will increase your cardiovascular endurance and improve coordination. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, 30 minutes of moderately intense cardio workout five days a week is recommended.


    This workout definitely relieves stress. Who doesn’t love riveting Bollywood songs? The rigorous movements of Bollywood dance keeps your joints lubricated because your body loosens up making it a great full body workout. You’ve got to move your fingers, hips and knees altogether.

    Belly Dancing

    If you’re up for some sexy moves then this is it. This dance workout focuses on your belly. The best part of belly dancing is it facilitates with natural childbirth. The natural hip tucks train you for the pelvic movement during childbirth. Belly dancers use their torsos a lot and this helps strengthen back muscles evenly. It’s good for digestion. Swaying your torso helps food move along digestive system.


    This workout is definitely making a comeback! This is modern but you move to techno up to top 40’s. Jazzercise reduces your risk of heart disease and strengthen your bones. Because strengthening muscles means strong bones as well.


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