Reap these benefits with 5k runs!

    Serious running doesn’t have to happen only in marathons. Running short distances like the 5K also has the health benefits that running generally brings – reductions in BMI, improved cholesterol, reduced cancer risk and decreases in gallbladder disease, cardiovascular disease and more. Here are reasons why you should totally sign up for the 5k runs around you today! 


    1. Easy run

    Yes, it is! For one, you don’t have to dedicate much time to train for a 5k, and you can fit a run anytime of the year. Even if you haven’t been running much, training for a 5k may only take you a few days at the very last minute. You are also better off without all the chafing, blistering, and you don’t have to pile up on the energy drinks and fuels as you can dust off this run in less than an hour! You can pretty much finish this race wearing anything you want and still look pink and flushed as you cross the finish line!


    2. Cheaper joining fees

    The registration fees for a 5k is much cheaper than mid and long distance races. Think less than RM50! So, you can join in as many runs as you want on your own or with family and friends without really worrying about parting with a lot of money. And you still get your goodie bags, bites and drinks!


    3. You get fitter

    With 5k, you are really racing and challenging yourself. In other words, it’s more of a competition with yourself rather than just being content with finishing a race. A 5k run gives you the chance to improve your timing and pace, and while you’re at it, you’re improving your form, speed and power, making you fitter than ever!


    4. Minimal damages to the body

    Unlike long-distance running which comes with higher risks of injuries due to over-usage of muscles and blow to your joints, 5k runs are so much shorter, and you’re more likely to be in better control of your body in the short run. So, you have minimal damages done to the body, which in return keeps you away from stress as you enjoy the freedom of runs.


    5. It’s sustainable

    You can spend months training for a single race (marathon) or you can simply sign up for a 5k every now and then, and improve on your running and time. Alternately, you can schedule your travel with races at different locations so you can also do a bit of running while travelling. Sounds sustainable? We sure think so!


    Here are some 5k runs that you can join:

    1. Kelantan International Half Marathon 2017, Kota Bharu, Kelantan (22 April)
    2. Langkawi Oniyuri Country Race, Lada Sports Complex, Langkawi, Kedah (29 April)
    3. Childhood Cancer Run, Bukit Jalil Recreation Park, Kuala Lumpur (15 April)
    4. Standard Chartered KL Marathon, Kuala Lumpur city center (21 May)
    5. The Performance Series Malaysia 2017, Penang, Kuching, Kuala Lumpur (9 July)
    6. Parkcity Charity Run 2017, Arkadia Shopping Mall, Desa Parkcity(9 July)
    7. Yolo Run Kuala Lumpur, Oasis Square Ara Damansara (August 6)
    8. Flash Run Asia, Oval Lawn, Setia City Mall, Shah Alam (3 September)
    9. Malaysia Northern Run 2017, Design Village, Bandar Cassia, Penang (24 September)
    10. Hari Sukan Negara, Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur (14 October)
    11. Unity Run Challenge 2017, Balai Raya Kg. Harmoni, Simpang Tiga, Ijok, Selangor (29 October)


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