• 6 Cardio Exercises To Get Your Heart Pumping!

    All you need is a yoga mat !

    Try these cardio workouts at home!

    1. Power Skip

    Jump with the right knee raised to hip height while reaching your left arm overhead simultaneously. Skip as high as you could. Land on the ball of your foot and repeat the motion with the opposite arm and leg.

    1. Butt Kick

    Kick your own ass –it reaps benefits. Jog in place while your heels kick your glutes. It needs full body coordination so you may start slowly and step by step. This trains the hamstring to contract forcefully and prevents further injury.

    1. Mountain climber

    Start with a plank with your arms directly under your chest at shoulders width apart. Lift your left foot and raise your left knee forward as close to your chest as you can. Return to start position and start with your right leg.

    1. Divers Push Ups

    Start with a downward dog yoga position with your hands on the floor. Slowly swoop your hips towards the floor while your chest rises above the floor in a snake like motion.

    1. Squat Jump

    This jump focuses on your legs the most. Begin by squatting like you’ll always do. Engage your core and jump as high as you could with the best energy exerted. Control the way you land. Stop if there is any pain in the knee.

    1. Bicycle

    Lie with you knees towards your chest and hands at the back of your head. You will need to lift your shoulder blades off the ground by bringing your right elbow to the left knee. Repeat the routine for 8 to 12 reps. You will feel your core tighten. That shows you are on the right the right track.

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