• 6 Things To Expect from Zumba

    Zumba is making a wave!

    Okay, the SHAPE team recently went for a Zumba class and we fell in love! Nothing pumped us up like an early morning Zumba. So much so that we were having a great day at work too!

    If you are searching for a good workout without much stress then Zumba it is. It’s like going for a dance party on Fridays! Zumba is a fun cardio-dance workout with a combination of Latin music and popular Latin dances such as salsa, mambo and samba. When you sway your arms and kick your legs to the music, you can expect Zumba to be extremely fun!

    Calorie and fat burning

    An average person will burn around 600 to 1000 calories in a Zumba class, according to healthfitnessrevolution.com- that’s a lot. Be ready to do some push ups and squatting because fitness movements are incorporated in this dance work out. You’ll never notice the hardwork you put in because there’s always the adrenaline pumping music accompanying whatever movement you’re doing. And the bonus will be an equally active coach as well.

    Stress reliever

    Get rid of that workload with Zumba! The upbeat music releases endorphin that reduces your anxiety and your sensitivity to pain. Its released during exercise. Your worries will definitely melt off.

    Full body workout

    Zumba is both a dance and fitness class. From head to shoulder roles to the sexy hip glides, it definitely provides full body workout. It stretches every muscle and joint. Some of the areas it targets are core, arms, legs, glutes and back.


    Socialize for real! Zumba creates a community within the class. You will meet and interact with people from different ethnicity and age. And its interesting. If you had the chance to go Zumba two or three days a week you’ll be laughing and enjoying the class with your mates.


    Once you are in there’s no stepping out. Because it doesn’t feel like workout at all! Most people who tried Zumba for the first time falls in love with it. Allwomenstalk.com recommends Zumba if you have trouble sticking with an exercise routine or in need to try a new one. Zumba classes are everywhere now, even offered in most gyms.

    Improves confidence

    It’s the best way to boost your confidence. All that dancing and laughing with partners gives you encouragement. It will increase your metabolism, improve coordination and posture. These improvement will reflect in your daily life. You will actually feel good about yourself.

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