Use these moves for stronger hikes!

    Planning to add more hiking into your routine in 2018? That’s great, but if you usually exercise on steady ground in the gym or on pavement, you’ll want to prep for rougher terrain before hitting the trailhead. This total body workout plan will strengthen your lower body and build endurance (while burning big calories) to get you ready for your adventure-filled trek.

    How it works: Two or three non-consecutive days a week, perform each move in order without resting between exercises. Repeat the entire circuit two or three times, resting 2-3 minutes between circuits.

    Total Time: up to 30 minutes

    You will need: Mat


    1. Lunging Toe Drops

    A. Get in a lunge position, right foot forward and left foot back, with left arm forward bent 90 degrees. Ensure right knee is in line with second toe of right foot.
    B. Maintaining an active lunge position, raise left foot to meet and tap the right as quickly as possible while maintaining control. Do all reps before switching sides and repeating.
    Sets: 2-3


    2. Tick Tock Plank

    A. Get in a high plank position with wrists positioned below shoulders, spine straight.

    B.With core engaged, jump right foot out to side, keeping hips and shoulders squared to mat.

    C.Quickly jump right foot back to starting position while simultaneously jumping left foot out to side. Continue, alternating sides.

    Sets: 2-3
    Reps: 10-12


    3. Speed Skaters

    A.Standing with feet hip-width apart, leap out with left foot, crossing right leg back behind left, toes touching ground and right hand reaching across body toward left foot.

    B.Repeat on opposite side, leaping out with right foot while crossing left leg behind and reaching left arm across body. Continue, alternating sides as quickly as possible.
    Sets: 2-3
    Reps: 10-12


    4. Single-Leg Bend and Extend

    A. Lie on mat, knees bent and feet flat on ground about 12 inches from hips. With arms down out sides, engage core and lift hips, coming into a glute bridge.
    B. Maintaining a neutral spine with hips lifted, pick right foot up and align right knee over right hip, keeping right leg bent.
    C. Push through right heel and extend right leg fully, keeping knees aligned.
    D. Reverse movement, bending right knee before lowering right foot and then hips to ground. Do all reps before switching sides and repeating.
    Sets: 2-3
    Reps: 12-15


    5. Two-Step Side Lunge

    A. With fast feet, hop out onto right foot and lift left foot up, bending left knee and right elbow at 90 degrees.
    B. Quickly switch feet, stepping down with left foot and lifting right foot up, bending right knee and left elbow at 90 degrees.
    C. Step out with right foot, keeping core engaged. Hinge at hips and bend right knee, lowering into a side lunge. Simultaneously, keep left leg fully extended and transition weight to the heel of left foot for a variation of a Cossack squat, hands positioned in front of chest. Rise and repeat the side-to-side sequence, traveling to the left. Continue, alternating sides.
    Sets: 2-3
    Reps: 10-12


    6. Reverse Jack Sumo Squats

    A. Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, toes turned out at approximately one o’clock and eleven o’clock. Keeping core engaged, hinge at hips and bend knees, lowering into a sumo squat position with hands in front of chest, palms facing one another.
    B. Jump feet together, rising on toes while sweeping arms overhead until thumbs touch. Reverse movement, lowering directly into another sumo squat.
    Sets: 2-3
    Reps: 12-15


    7. Track Starters

    A. Get in low lunge position with right leg extended back and left knee bent 90 degrees, hands on either side of left foot.
    B. With core engaged, exhale and jump straight up, driving right knee and left arm forward, swinging right arm back as both elbows remain bent and close to sides. Return to starting position, then quickly switch feet to repeat on opposite side. Continue, alternating sides.
    Sets: 2-3
    Reps: 10-12

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