Add these awesome extras into your packing list and elevate the experience!

    Day hiking is pretty much a get-up-and-go activity where all you need are terrain-appropriate shoes and a smart bag containing the essentials. But these awesome extras to your bag could elevate your hiking experience and keep you even more motivated!


    1. Karrimor Hydration Bladder (RM62)


    A great accessory to your hiking adventure, the bladder can fit almost any compatible hydration pack and has a large screw cap for easy filling and cleaning.


    2. Columbia Women’s Grand Canyon Mid Dryout (RM579)



    This trail blazer provides great arch support and good grip. It’s also waterproof so you can cross streams without worry.


    3. The North Face W Venture Jacket (RM639)



    Your body will appreciate this breathable hooded jacket (when you go to higher altitudes, because even Malaysian jungles are cold at night!) for its soft-shell exterior with dry-touch coating and the lightweight insulation, waterproof exterior, and not-at-all crunchy colours.


    4.  Coleman GO! C25 Hooded Sleeping Bag (RM189)


    It doesn’t come off chunky as it’s designed to fold up perfectly when you’re done with your nature nap.


    5. Deuter Act TrailPro 40 (RM699)



    This bag can extend its capacity to 40 litres and has hydration sleeve that keeps your water  in place.


    6. Leatherman Signal (RM859)



    Prepare for emergency and pack this with you. It features some of the essential survival items like a fire starter, whistle, knife blade and pliers.


    7. Garmin Fenix 3HR (RM2,650)



    Not only does it measure distance, heart rate, and elevation but it can also sense a brewing storm and help you backtrack when you’re lost. The price is steep but worth the investment if you end up loving longer, trickier trails.


    8. Gelert 7 LED Head Light (RM29) 


    It has an energy saving ultra bright LEDS, adjustable torch and ergonomic head unit and strap to fit your individual need so you can climb without fuss.


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