Add these breathtaking trails to your exercise regime!

    Hiking is an increasingly popular activity simply because it puts you in a happy place. People who spent 50 minutes walking through nature reported less anxiety and more happiness compared with those who walked near traffic, according to a study in the journal, Landscape and Urban Planning. “We know that just looking at photos of nature reduces stress,” says Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. So, if you’re planning on hiking  regularly (or simply looking for new places to hike), here’s how you can begin and progress into different level of difficulty within these 8 trails in the Klang Valley.



    Pro tip: Switch your trails between these three for a month so your body will adapt to the changes easily.

    1. Bukit Gasing

    Located in the heart of Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya, Bukit Gasing makes for  a fairly simple hike, making it perfect as a starting spot for beginners. As the trail isn’t as steep compared to others, it’s deemed as an ideal place to bring children who are learning to hike for the first time – great for a family-hike over the weekends! The suspension bridge found on Bukit Gasing makes for a perfect selfie or even wefie setting for you. With a tall tower overlooking  Petaling Jaya, we recommend this to be your first trail in your new exercise routine.


    2. Jugra Hill

    Located on the outskirts of Selangor, Jugra Hill is famed for it’s clear pathways. Although a little effort is needed during the incline, the trail is still fairly easy as there are less obstructions, such as tree roots, littering the pathway. Apart from working those muscles, you’ll also get the chance to do paragliding near the light tower located up above, perfect for a little adventure time together with your friends or family.


    3. Denai Tiga Puteri

    This often overlooked trail  is located in Kota Damansara’s Community Forest. The Denai Tiga Puteri hike is  conserved by volunteers and is sustained through crowd-sourcing. If you’re feeling like up’ing your game, you can hike up to the Unity peak, which is the trail’s highest point, which is why we recommend this to be the last beginner trail for you to tryout.




    Pro tip: Get acquainted with the beginner trails before moving on to these, then switch up your trails between the three for another month for new challenges each week.

    4. Bukit Tabur

    Divided into two, Bukit Tabur East and Bukit Tabur West, this trail requires basic training for those who plan to attempt it, which is why we recommend for you to get used to the beginner trails above before moving on to this one. Due to its rocky terrains, both east and west sides are fairly difficult and steep. But with the beautiful scenery of the Klang Valley that you’ll find at the top, we think it’s worth the climb (and cramps!).


    5. Bukit Kutu

    With Bukit Kutu, you’ll get a whole new hiking experience due to it’s unique and different environment. Every inch of the forest is covered in all types of greenery , so much so that it gives you the feeling of being in a mystical forest! It’s muddy and wet pathways makes it easy for you to slip while on a hike. Instead of a breathtaking view at the end, you’ll be welcomed by a serene lake, making it one of our favourites!


    6. Saga Hill

    Located in Cheras, Saga Hill’s terrain is slightly challenging as the floor is often muddy and steep, pretty much like how you’d find Bukit Kutu. However, at Saga Hill, there’s a rope for hikers to grip so you can maintain your balance. Being rich in flora and fauna, it’s no surprise that Saga Hill has it’s fair share of creepy crawlies, with insects like scorpions! If you find it hard to finish the trail, just picture the  refreshing waterfall that awaits you at the end!




    Pro tip: Start with Gunung Semangkok, before moving on to Gunung Nuang.

    7. Gunung Semangkok

    With a total distance of 30 km, Gunung Semangkok is no easy trail to conquer. Bordering between Selangor and Pahang, braving Gunung Semangkok will easily take up between 12-16 hours to complete, even for those who are experienced. To reach the top, you’s have to conquer two trails which are the Pine Tree Hill and Twin Peak. At Gunung Semangkok, you would find yourself going downhill and uphill often and expect a change in altitude during different segments of your hike. Though this is not the highest peak in Malaysia, it still requires plenty of preparation and it should only be attempted by those who are experienced, so make sure you’ll well trained before moving on to Gunung Semangkok from the other trails.


    8. Gunung Nuang

    Considered as one of Selangor’s tallest peaks, Gunung Nuang over 1439m. So, you’d require a fairly good fitness level before attempting a hike at Gunung Nuang. Due to it’s challenging routes, a good pair of hiking shoes is needed as it would work wonders in helping you through the muddy and steep trail. Get optimum rest and sufficient fluid intake to prepare yourself for this hike. Can’t complete the hike within a day? Relax, as Gunung Nuang is home to a few base camps for hikers to rest at.

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