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    Sure, you look svelte in your clothes, but there are hidden dangers to being thin and unhealthy. In other words, you could be skinny fat. Let’s find out if you’re one and how you can come out if it. 

    Are You Skinny Fat?

    Check out the trademarks of being skinny fat according to Lauren Klein, a certified weight loss management professional in New York City. If you identify with a few (or all) of them, check in with your doc to get all the necessary blood tests.

    • You haven’t lifted weights or exercised since mid-secondary P.E lessons.
    • You experience constant “sugar crashes” or “brain fog,” such as fatigue, low energy, or difficulty with your focus, memory, or concentration.
    • You pass on protein-packed foods.
    • Your belly is bigger than the rest of your body. Do you have love handles? “Look for abnormal body fat in the mid-section, similar to an apple shape,” says Klein.
    • Your diet regularly consists of excess carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners, sugar, or processed foods.
    • You feel light-headed after mild exercise.


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