These women are fit and #shapeproud!

    Curvy women are sometimes loosely labelled as ‘fat’ (yes, because they don’t fit in the common profiling of what a fit woman should look like). But, fitness is beyond that. We’re taking our #shapeproud campaign further with these full-figured ladies who have struggled, and came out of the stereotype stronger and more confident than ever. Here’s why they love their shape. 


    1. Bella Rahim, 42, Fashion show producer, actress, and plus-size model

    “I am very proud of my body. I am agile and strong enough to do physical movements that even people half my size are not capable of doing. For that, I respect and celebrate my shape. I love my curves, and I never hide my body. My opinion of what others perceive of my body is that my body is to-die-for, and that I am a voice of reason in a sea of unrealistic statistics. I’m alluring because I am empowered and my body is sexy and strong. I do 6kg kettle bell lunges, 25kg dead lifts, burpees, sumo squats with a 6kg kettle bell and many sets of planks. And, I can do splits! Starting ballet at 40 is the best decision I’ve ever made. My goal is to train to be strong enough to go on Pointe. It takes six years for a child ballerina to train to be on Pointe. I have 4 years to go and I can’t wait!”


    2. Tan Su Lin, 33, Broadcast journalist

    “I’m grateful I have an able body, and I can do incredible things with it. I surprise myself every day. Some may call me ‘chubby’ but I call it ‘more to love’. When people look at me, they may not think of me as the ‘fit type’. Being fit is not about looking lean and slim; it is about how much you can achieve with your body. It can be about lifting weights or doing a headstand! I’ve never thought that I could be fit enough to hike. But with training and perseverance, I’ve hiked a few tough mountains in the past few years and I am very proud of it! My greatest achievement is the hike to the peak of Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal this year. Maybe I will do Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa or Mount Fuji, Japan next year. It’s a celebration of my shape!”


    3. Elly Halim, 33, Entrepreneur

    “I have never been this fit my entire life and it amazes me when I ‘m able to do things I never thought I could do before! I didn’t wait to be proud of the shape that I was trying to get to. Instead, I was proud every step of the way to get there. I made a choice to live a healthier lifestyle, and knowing I’ve made the right choice gave me confidence. Today, I am happy to say that I can do leg presses at 180 kg. My heaviest dead lift so far is 70kg, and counting! Recently, I discovered I could also rope climb. And, I just started yoga three months ago, and can even do a headstand now! I’m currently working towards seamless pull-ups, and I know I can do that too.”


    4. Zalekha Yazid, 35, Senior business development executive

    “Right now, I’m happier in my body and in myself more than I’ve ever been before, and that’s down to fitness and paying more attention to what’s going into my body. I’m definitely comfortable in my skin, and that also means having the body confidence to feel good in what I’m wearing. Some people say that for a ‘fat girl’ I show too much skin but I really don’t care about what others think as long as I’m happy. I am strong because I can really push myself in the gym. I don’t get tired easily, and I run marathons although I’m not very fast. Importantly, I finish. Now, I’m training for the Bagan Temple Marathon this month, and I’d like to finish in five hours. My personal best is seven hours. My mantra? Eat healthy, exercise regularly, go out there and have fun and always, always be happy.”


    5. Regina Robin, 36, Communications manager

    “Like most ‘plus-sized’ women, I didn’t like my body, so I used to pick clothes that hid it. As I grew older though, I saw many #shapeproud people and plus size models, and that gave me self confidence and acceptance. I think my bum is too big, but people have complimented me on it. When I exercised and grew fitter and stronger, I began to respect my body more. I’m quite flexible, but as I exercised, I conditioned my physique to do amazing things; I survived the two Viper Challenges, and have done a few runs. This year, I did the Standard Chartered run and achieved my personal best timing too, encouraged by a friend. Now, I’m aiming to conquer my fear of heights with that long overdue rock-climbing session! While there is still room for improvement, I am thankful that I can still exercise and dress to enhance my plus point.”


    6. Shamaine Othman, 33, Writer and comedian

    “I don’t hate my body. But I wish that I was a bit more toned. I know I’ll never have a figure like a model, and that’s okay. So I just work on being the best version of my shape. I’ve very large breasts. At 36G, it’s the first thing people see when they look at me. Because of my large breasts, some people think that I shouldn’t be too skinny, while I think that I shouldn’t be too big because I’d look extra huge. But, there’s no one else like me. What works for Kendall Jenner will obviously not work for Ashley Graham, and that’s okay! Today, I work out to empower myself. When people give negative comments about my body, it doesn’t get to me because they don’t know that I work out and I’m strong. I’ve lost 25kg in two years, and turned my life around.”


    7. Intan Razali, 36, Bank officer

    “I fall in love with my body every single day. People may say that I am slothful and huge, but it doesn’t bother me. No body is perfect. How we love our body and how we appreciate and treasure it, really does make a difference in bringing positivity into our lives. I’m still working towards losing more weight and to increase my muscle mass. By far, my greatest achievements are in completing all the Spartan Races (Sprint, Super and Beast) and the Medio Fondo (80km cycling course) at Gran Fond New York (GFNY) in Ipoh earlier this year. I love my body because it’s unique, and it’s mine, and I can achieve so much with it.”


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