Try these top 5 overall body exercise anywhere, anytime!

    You can’t get a full, one hour workout on some days as you may have planned. Or, maybe you can’t get out to do that run or swim because it’s the rainy season. We spoke to founder and coach at PFC Studio, Jeremy Ng to give us some tips on exercises that you can always fall back on, or even do on a daily basis for a complete, full-body workout. And, guess what? They require no tools too – just your bodyweight! Here are the five; 


    1. Squats to crawl (10 reps)

    Squats helps in building your legs and crawling trains almost every muscle in the body to work together as a functional unit. Begin with a normal squat and transition into a crawl with your hands. Crawl as far as your arms allow you and crawl back into starting position.


    2. Push-up with downward dog (10 reps)

    The push-up is more than just a chest workout. It focuses on your shoulders and core muscles. To add in the downward dog, push your hips back towards the ceiling while keeping the knees straight as long as possible.


    3. Marching bridge (10 reps)

    Firm up those glutes and stabilise the core with the marching bridge. This can be a progressed version of the floor bridge for those who want to challenge themselves. Lie on your back with knees bent, push the hip towards the ceiling and lift one knee towards the chest. Repeat with the other knee.


    4. Reverse lunge to knee drive (10 reps)

    Coupled with a knee drive, you can build overall balance and core strength through this. For those who are interested in sprinting, add this exercise to your routine as it stimulates the motion of running. Assume a reverse lunge position. Bring the hind leg towards the front to 90 degree angle, and drive the knee upwards as if you’re sprinting.


    5. Side plank (hold for 30 seconds or more)

    The side plank is a great way to build core strength and core endurance including the oblique.


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