• Dead Lift

     One great workout in only 30 minutes.

    Stand with feet hip-width apart with a barbell or Body Bar on floor in front of you. With abdominals tight and shoulder blades pulled back and down, bend knees and hinge forward without losing neutral back alignment.

    Grasp bar with an overhand grip slightly wider than hip-width and bring bar to rest just in front of shins [A].

    Maintaining a neutral spine, contract buttocks and hamstrings to straighten legs and return torso to upright position, bringing bar to thigh level [B].

    Reverse the movement and hinge forward, lowering bar to starting position, and repeat.

    Reps: 10-12
    Sets: 3-4
    Weight: 7-23kg

    *For the full article please refer to Shape January 2012 Issue


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