• Does Yoga Count As Strength Training?

    I don’t lift weights, but I do yoga and barre class. Can I count that as strength training?

    When muscle contracts to resist a force, that’s strength training (though a very basic definition of it). So yes, yoga and barre workouts count. Says Michelle Lovitt, an exercise psychologist and yoga instructor: “You can absolutely get stronger with these classes because you  rely on your body or 1.5 kg dumb-bells as resistance. But don’t confuse strength training with weight training,” she warns. Heavier weight is what really helps you break down muscle tissue so it can rebuild. Why that’s good: you’ll increase strength and the size of a muscle, boost metabolism so you burn more calories, and improve bone density to help you avoid injury.

    If you love yoga and barre, don’t give them up! But dedicate one or two days a week to trying a new boot camp, or work with a personal trainer to formulate a go-to weight-lifting routine. You’ll keep your muscles guessing and your metabolism revved, which can ultimately help you see better body results more quickly.