• Dr. Mehmet Oz

    We take a peek at the private lives of Dr. Oz and his wife, Lisa, and reveal their prescription for health, happiness, and everlasting love. Take these five tips and call us in the morning.

    The handsome 51-year-old Dr. Mehmet Oz—bestselling author, TV personality, and renowned heart surgeon—struts like an urban cowboy, one thumb tucked into his belt. He greets his wife, Lisa, 48, a mother of four and herself the author of a bestseller, with a kiss and a tight squeeze. The spark of excitement between them is palpable even after 26 years together. “I’ve always thought Lisa was sexy,” says Dr. Oz. “I brag about her all the time. When I won an Emmy last year for The Dr. Oz Show, I handed the award to her, and in my speech said, ‘Lisa isn’t just the woman of my dreams; she is the woman who made all my dreams come true.’ ”

    *For the full article please refer to Shape January 2012 Issue

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