• "Exercise Helped Me Move Past My Grief"

    A sudden loss left this mom at the brink of despair. But with a trainer’s help, she found her inner strength.

    MARIE’S CHALLENGE “I was living the American dream, and then one day, it was gone,” says Marie Anaya, who became a widow and single mom when her firefighter husband died on 9/11. Already overweight at 100 kilograms, she used food to cope with her pain, often polishing off an entire box of cookies or a carton of ice cream once her son and two daughters were asleep. “I put on a strong front for the kids,” says Marie, “but inside, I felt lonely and overwhelmed.” After six months of finding comfort in sweets, she’d gained 23 more kilograms.

    *For the full article please refer to Shape June 2012 Issue

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