• Find Your Happy Weight

    Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the scale just stalls. That's when these science backed strategies come in. Bust through your plateau and let the slim begin.

    Often, people pick their goal weight arbitrarily or choose an unrealistic number, which can set them up for failure,” says Torey Amul, R.D.N.  

    So if you’ve hit a plateau and are within five to 10 kg of your target, consider whether the weight you’re at now might be right for you. You’ve already improved your health enormously by reducing your risk of diabetes and heart disease. Rather than adding more exercise and slashing more calories and then having to work constantly to maintain that lower weight, you could be better off staying put. “Don’t get obsessed  with reaching a certain number of scale, ” Armul says. ” Think about what makes you feel good. That’s your happy weight.”


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