Save your cash and check out these awesome fitness classes.

    Gym memberships can be costly. A contract can probably tie you up with a gym for at least a year. And if you are someone who likes switching around to be at different fitness settings, you may not appreciate being at one place all the time for your workouts.  For a change, try these free (or incredibly cheap) fitness community classes in the Klang Valley . You can choose from yoga, body combat and trail running to hiking. Or train at different gyms as you wish! 


    1. Ash Be Nimble

    Fee: RM10

    Ash Be Nimble offers classes like Mat Pilates, Hatha Yoga, Strala Yoga, Yoga for Running, Trail Running, Hiking, and ‘The Dash’ for kids, including Injury Prevention and Maintenance Talk. One of the most recent classes was the Mama & Bub’s at Fitology, especially for mothers who barely have time to exercise, allowing them to workout together with the baby. While most classes will be held at the headquarters, The Fox Den at Damansara Kim, outdoor activities like trail running, hiking at ‘The Dash’ will take place at Taman Lembah Kiara (TTDI). With a minimal fee charge of RM10, entrance is very limited to ensure sufficient space and adequate attention from instructors.


    2. Lululemon

    Free of charge 

    This yoga-inspired athletic apparel company host different workshops from mostly yoga, to pilates, HIIT exercises and functional training every Saturday, taking place at the Bangsar showroom, turning the boutique to an open space in the middle of the store with no charges apply. Classes are led by any instructors voluntarily from various local studios who would like to give back to the community. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to take some of your extra time to flip around their sportswear.


    3. Under Armour

    Free of charge

    Partnering with gyms and studios, the sessions called [email protected] is held at KLCC for free. The workout includes flow yoga, isolated (upper body) training, running, circuit training and movement and mobility (a workout designed by Hansen Lee – UA Brand Athlete) and functional training. To register, go to tripleready.com or register on the spot at the venue.


    4. Yoga with Robyn Lau

    Free of charge

    Happening every Saturday at Uppercase or Bookmark @ APW Bangsar from 9am to 10am, this community yoga class is open for all. It’s free and no sign-ups required. All you need is to bring along your own yoga mat and water to hydrate.


    5. Nike+ Training Club App

    Free of charge

    Made especially for those who have no budget and time to go to the gym, the Nike+ Training Club (N+TC) app will make your life easier (or less complicated at least!). This app works as your personal trainer with over 100 different workouts variation for each fitness level. Plus, the routines are created by real professionals and athletes – the Nike Master Trainers. All you have to do is to download the app for free, select the suitable workout according to your fitness level and you are ready to sweat! You can stream from your phone to your television or any portable tablet and follow as instructed. You may feel like this is almost the same as watching fitness videos on Youtube, but no. This app allows you to create a 4-week program to help you reach your fitness goal – by suggesting your workout schedule and workout steps.


    6. Run89 Crew

    Free of charge

    If you are passionate about running and wants to do it with a team of like-minded people, this is the club that you most probably want to join. The Run89 Crew was created in 2013 and is open to about anyone who is into running. Aside from running, there are also cardio and bodyweight sessions. Sessions are located at Desa Parkcity every Tuesday (training) and Friday (running). Best part of all? You can join the crew for free!


    7. KFIT

    Fee: From RM10 to RM60

    Save your time and money with KFIT. By logging on to their official website or downloading the mobile app, you can easily look for plenty of fitness classes at different gym and studios that suit your need – from yoga, TRX, boot camp, HIIT, Zumba, Jazzercise, belly dance and much more, for a really affordable price.


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