Learn how to pace it out with these tips!

    It’s not about power lifting and sprinting Monday to Sunday, but couching it for two days a week won’t do your body many favours. Instead, make it your new rule to move a little everyday. Here’s how to work it all in according to SHAPE fitness director Jaclyn Emerick.


    #1 Rest a few muscles


    Devote two or three alternate days a week to intense training. Know what muscles your workout is hammering the hardest, and make sure that whatever you do the next day leaves them mostly alone. If you did a WOD with back squats, you could swim the next day. If you went for a long run, try yoga.


    #2 Recoup on the go


    Low-intensity exercise can actually help your body repair, thanks to increased blood flow to damaged muscles. Turn your rest day from a Netflix binge into an easy, low-intensity session with something like a short, comfortable jog or a slow 30-minute bike ride to brunch.


    #3 Be a yes woman 


    You need to have some consistency in your workout routine to lose some weight and build muscle, but try dedicating one or two days a week to random acts of fitness fun so you don’t hot a body or boredom plateau. Work on your tennis rally with a friend, sign up for a group class or intramural sport you’ve never taken, or go for a walk or a hike somewhere new. Anything that gets your booty out of your front door counts.


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