• How To Prepare For An Obstacle Race

    Start with a 5K
    A 5K is doable but tough, even if you usually run more than 4km, says OCR athlete Pete Williams. You can hit up mudrunguide.com to find upcoming races nearby, but one series we love is the ‘Run For Your Lives’ 5k obstacle run (runforyourlives.asia). It’s super fun and creative as participants get to choose to either run from and dodge Zombies or pose as Zombies themselves to hunt for runners! Plus, it’s a sure-fire way to widen your social circle. When you’re ready for the next level, try a Spartan Race (spartanrace.my). It has more strength-based obstacles like rope climbs, heavy carries, and burpees.

    Scope out the Course
    To get a sense of what you’ll encounter, go to your race’s site beforehand. To prep for your race, you can even download apps, such as Ultimate Obstacle Race Training (1.99 USD, approximately, RM8.58, at the Apple store).

    Make sure it’s legit
    “All well-known national races are properly organized and have high safety standards,” says Margaret Schlachter, the author of Obstacle Race Training. Vet out all races at facebook.com/mudrunguide as they post info of races globally. Once you know what you’re up against, you can look up to see if you Malaysia has brought in the local version of it (such as those mentioned above)!

    Here’s what to bring so you can celebrate comfortably
    1. A full change of clothes but not your favourite outfit
    2.Clean socks and shoes or sandals
    3. A towel
    4. Two garbage bags, one for dirty clothing and one for shoes
    5. Baby wipes
    6. Cash, for the food vendors
    7. A water bottle and a snack that has a protein-carb combo for recovery

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