• Jump-Start Your Bikini Body

    Don’t wait until holiday season to score sleek, sexy muscles. Follow this plan and you’ll be in your best shape ever way before then—plus leaner and fitter by the end of this month!

    Okay, holiday season is still months away, but why wait until then to start getting in shape? Our annual Bikini Body Countdown helps you tackle your slim-down plan the healthy way, so you don’t have to work out for hours a day at the last minute. Even if you rarely wear a bathing suit, every woman wants to feel good in and out of her clothes— and trainer Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser understands that. This year he’s designed a program to help you drop kilos and firm up month by month, so you stay inspired as you go. Do his moves along with regular cardio and you should be shopping for a smaller size by the end of the month!

    *For the full article please refer to Shape May 2011 Issue

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