If you love jumping workouts, try this class!

    I love jumping on springs, and sometimes wish the world was a big trampoline. Wouldn’t that be cool?! When the Kangoo Jumps® rebound exercise review turned up, naturally I was raring to go for the class. In my mind, it was similar to a trampoline workout, except that I have these springy shoes in place of a trampoline. So, I went for the class with this simple logic, and was pretty confident that I will ace it. 

    The session was held at Jazzercise in Ara Damansara. My instructor, Oksana Kopyl met me with a smile, and hastily helped me to get into the rebound shoes while I remained seated on a stool. I slipped into them easily, and buckled up. Now, the challenge was in trying to get up and keeping the balance. The class had not even begun, and I was feeling the trepidation already. How can I bounce around in those when I can’t even stand up and find my balance? Oksana, on the other hand, must have seen this scenario many times over because she wasn’t a wee bit worried about me.

    “Just keep moving, you won’t fall. It takes all of two minutes to get used to them,” she said, while slowly letting go of me, and moving on to the other two first-timers in her class.


    All booted up, and ready to go!

    And, just like that I was on my own. I can’t really explain this, but it was amazing how quickly I was able to move around in those shoes without any help. The class began 10 minutes later, by which time, I was already moving about quite freely but NOT without the fear of falling.

    Oksana began with a series of warm-up moves that required us to jump from one foot to another while moving the arms. She encouraged us to ‘feel’ the rebound because that’s how we worked the body. If I didn’t jump hard enough to create that momentum, there was really no point in me going through with the class, I felt. I didn’t want to spend the rest of the time, just moving about without getting a real workout simply because I was too scared of falling down – the rebound footwear was like a  15cm-platform shoe with spring. Imagine jumping on those while trying to follow a routine!

    Admittedly, at this point, I was beginning to feel some regret. However, as the class progressed, Oksana went through the same routine a few times. This gave me a chance to catch up more confidently, and in the process, I was able to better engage my core and legs for balance, and move around dynamically, without fear! And, all of that took only about 20 minutes!


    Oksana is putting on her boots.

    Eventually, what I liked about the workout was that, despite all the jumping, it was easy on the knees and joints. Oksana said that the shoes reduced shock impact for up to 80% on the ankles, knees, shins, hips, spine and the lower back.

    “It also increases your endurance, and strengthens the core and legs, and you can expect to burn up to 1,000 calories during a 60-minute session,” explained Oksana.

    Well, I burned about 500 calories during that 50-minute session, and I didn’t even put in full effort as this was my first class. What a fun way to cinch those calories! Once you’re confident enough in the shoes, you can get them (Oksana is the sole, licensed distributor of Kangoo Jumps® shoes in Malaysia) for your own workout sessions at home as they’re great for cross-training. Oksana told me that she even does 10km runs in them!


    The Kangoo rebound shoes has a steady rubber sole for a good grip.

    Currently, the classes run at two locations: KLCC and Ara Damansara. Call 016-351 7027 for booking.

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