Get slim faster and shed those last few pounds with these tips!

    You’ve kept on to your routine and worked out very hard but the last few kilos just don’t seem to leave. It’s the final two that never wants to budge, and that’s why we tapped celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak for research-backed ways to lose those last 2 kilos once and for all:


    1.Pump some actual iron

    Body weight moves are great, but Pasternak says that picking up free weights will get you the most dramatic results in the shortest amount of time. You can’t target every muscle as effectively with just your body weight, and weights allow you to progress as you get stronger (by lifting heavier ones). Invest in two pairs of dumb-bells to keep at home; One light and one heavy set each. Aim to use them for at least five minutes a day, research shows that intense ‘snack-size’ workouts are more effective than moderately intense, longer ones.


    2.Don’t give cardio too much credit

    Research shows that many of us over-estimate our burn and may subconsciously decrease other movement throughout the day to compensate it. Maximise your movement throughout the day by making several small tweaks is a great way to lose those last two kilos, like walking while you talk on the phone, or getting a standing desk at work. Doing so will increase your weight-loss efforts, says Pasternak.


    3.Take a 30-minute power nap

    Skimping on sleep increases your appetite, saps the energy you need to work out and makes your body less efficient at burning fat. If you have trouble getting the recommended seven to eight hours per night, Pasternak’s research found that a single 30-minute power nap daily could count towards your nightly total. It’s just long enough to allow you to sink into the stage of sleep when your muscles relax and your body temperature lowers (where you get energy-boosting benefits), but not so long that you reach the deepest stage of sleep which causes you to feel groggy when you wake up.


    4.Step away from your electronics

    Unplug for one consecutive hour a day (doesn’t matter when) and you’ll be more active, says Pasternak. That’s because for the most part, you’re still when you’re on your phone. Instead, use the hour to get in some of the 10,000 steps you should log daily as research shows that taking this number can reduce waist size and BMI and will ultimately help you to lose those last 2 kilos.


    5.Eat fat to shrink

    One unfortunate side effects of losing weight  is that your body burns fewer calories per day, so you don’t need as many. This is one of the reasons those last 2 kg seem so impossible to drop. But that doesn’t mean you have to revert to a diet of only kale and radishes. Just be smart about the food you eat. Choose ones that keep you full and give you energy. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats can lower the glycemic load of a meal, which helps stabilize blood sugar and keeps you full and energized. Pasternak adds that you can’t never go wrong with avocados.



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