Ace your marathon with this training plan!

    Sure, running the Standard Chartered or the Penang Bridge marathon can be an intimidating thought. It’s about running a 42km course, and depending on the environmental conditions and how you are physically conditioned (and mentally, of course!), you are open to risk of injury. However, if you’ve been pondering about it for a while now and don’t know how to go about it, here’s a plan that you can follow – because as hard as it sounds, a marathon is still doable. We’ve spoken to Smart Athletics Club Malaysia head coach Edan Syah on how to get you going for a marathon, and here’s what he has for you! 


    Plan Overview

    Duration: 14 weeks

    Weekly routine: 3 to 4 rest days in a week

    Weekly mileage: 14km to 42km

    Strength and conditioning : Once a week


    But first things first…

    These are some running terms you need to understand:

    Rest – It means relaxing, rejuvenating, doing the things you enjoy except running! Your body needs to recover from the stress of training and damages to the muscles. Your muscles are undoubtedly weakened and need extensive recovery before your next session.

    Easy – This refers to a shorter and relaxed run. It aims to keep you moving to add extra mileage into your weekly runs without stressing out the body.

    Tempo  – This medium distance run, also known as a lactate-threshold (LT) run aims to improve your lactic threshold, which is that burn you get in your legs when you are pushing it. The idea is to push your threshold so your muscles becomes better at using lactate and hydrogen (which are by-products of metabolism).

    Steady -It is aerobic running with a pace that you could hold for a long time.

    Long slow distance (LSD) – It’s a constant pace run of low to moderate intensity over an extended distance or duration. It improves oxygen intake in individuals who are undertrained or moderately trained.



    14-Week Training Plan

    Month 1


    Month 2


    Month 3


    Month 4


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