Read about the benefits of acroyoga!

    Partner yoga is about doing supported poses that deliver a deep stretch while acroyoga (yes, the airborne version of buddy poses) focuses more on strength, gymnastics and acrobatic. Yoga for two may seem intimidating at first, but like with any other discipline, it becomes fun with practice. Whether you prefer your poses on the ground or airborne, you’ll find that the yoga for two trend can help elevate your flow and also sculpt you from head to toe.  Here are reasons to partner up and try this form of yoga! 


    1.Being present is easier

    You probably drift off during a five-breath triangle pose. But you have to stay focused when adding another person to your flow because you affect their movement too. “Partner yoga fosters trust and inspires you to stay present,” says author of The Pleasures and Principles of Partner Yoga, Elysabeth Williamson. If you zone out, your partner will lose their balance. This heightened presence will help you make the most out of each pose and also reduce your risk of injury.


    2.It super-cinches abs

    “In partner yoga, you’re constantly stabilising each other’s weights, which requires your core to turn on so you can balance better,” says yoga instructor, Anton Holmes Mackey who teaches at Wanderlust and other yoga fests. Certain poses, like the partner double plank, where two people hold a plank facing opposite directions, but one person places her feet on the other’s back (trust me, it’s not as scary as it sounds) causes a deep contraction to your transverse abdominis, taking your ab sculpting to a whole different level. And with acroyoga, your entire core works to give you the stability to get into and hold poses while airborne. Bases build bonus core strength too; You need to fire up your deepest abs to keep your lower back pressed firmly into the floor for stability, and you’ll also work your obliques overtime as you move your partner from side to side.


    3.Stretching is next level

    Many partner yoga poses help boost your flexibility better than you can by doing typical yoga sessions. Can’t imagine why? Here’s an example: For the Partner Warrior 2 pose, you’ll have to pull on your partner’s wrist while facing away from each other in a long-lunge position, so you can each achieve a deeper hip stretch. The increased flexibility can also open your practice to a new world of poses that are particularly Gumby-like.


    4.You’ll hit your solo pose goals

    Been thinking of that handstand all day? Instead of trying to swing up to stand yourself, have your partner serve as a spotter. “She’ll guide you into the proper position, which helps build up your muscle memory,” says Jessie Goldberg, the co-director of AcroYoga Montreal. “Then before you know it, you’re doing it by yourself.” Plus, you mirror each other in acroyoga, helping you to improve your form and showing you what if feels like to truly master a pose,  Williamson says.


    5.All the benefits of touch rub off on you

    Touch has been shown to boost immunity, decrease the risk of heart disease, and reduce stress. “But as a culture, we’re really lacking in touch,” Williamson says. With partner yoga,  70% of the class involves touch, he estimates, and acroyoga is essentially all touch. Want to enroll for a class but don’t know where to start? Head over to Oscillation Yoga studio. Log on to www.oscillationyoga.com to find out more.


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