• Stress Solution

    Here's what you're gonna do when you're running out of time to get your dose of endorphins !

    When you’re short on time, hitting the gym is typically the first to-do that gets dropped from your list. But a better strategy may be bumping it up to high-priority status  say researchers in the journal Human Resources Management. In their study, adults who worked out regularly reported feeling more confident about taking what ever was thrown their way at home or work.

    Being physical gives people a chance to mentally disconnect from tension, allowing them to fully recharge or-for a.m. exercisers -prepare themselves for the day’s challenges, say lead author Russel Clayton, Ph.D. He says peppering your week with short, high intensity routines (like a four minute Tabata of jumping jacks, where you work as hard as you can for 20 seconds, rest for 10, then repeat eight times) could help you banish self doubt.

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