SmartFitness is a new gym in Publika that uses the German Smart Trainer technology to help you get in shape. The SHAPE team tried it recently and here’s how it went.

    Photo credits (all): SmartFitness

    Step 1: When you first sign up, you’re given a consultation by a personal trainer who asks you comprehensive questions about your fitness level, nutrition and health goals. She also takes some measurements. And then, she will draw you up a circuit workout plan that’s customised to your fitness goals whether it’s losing weight or gaining muscle definition, that she uploads into your gym access keycard.

    Step 2: When you arrive at the gym (at any time of your convenience, but do make an appointment), you flash the card in front of the large Pixformance screens that you see in the image above, and the machine tells you what equipment to pick up (there’s a set already waiting for you to use).

    Step 3: You start your workout and follow along. It’s a circuit workout, and the interactive screen will prompt you every step of the way, telling you which equipment to use, your recommended weight for the dumbbells (it’s personal to you because it’s based on your individual training needs) and the ‘instructor’ at the top of the screen shows you the moves.

    Step 4: What we really liked about the Pixformance machine is that it also acts like an interactive mirror, indicating immediately if you’re performing a move wrongly, so you can correct your form, position or speed. Don’t worry if the screen still leaves you confused. A real-live instructor is always there to show you the ropes, so you’re safe from injury.

    Step 5: After one set with the screen, you’ll move on to do other moves without it, and this is where the instructor again comes in. After one round with her, you go back to the screen. And this continues until your workout is done. One session lasts only 30 minutes (but they’ve packed a two-hour workout in that time!), but quite a variety of moves have been built into the session. The personal trainer will review and revise your workouts and they’ll get tougher as you get fitter because the P.T. will study the ‘results’ the screen churns out after every set you performed. You can also track your performance through an app that’s synced to the Pixformance screen.

    What else you need to know:

    • These sessions with the screen are not happening within a classroom setting. You come when you can, and workout with the machine. There will always be a personal trainer there to assist anyone who’s using the Pixformance screens.
    • SmartFitness also conducts classes, so if you’re feeling social you can join Zumba, a group training session, a core workout class and soon, even yoga classes.
    • It’s great for people who really can’t spare more than 30 minutes for a workout and for those who can’t adhere to scheduled classes. You basically nip in, workout and head out when you can. It’s also perfect for those who prefer working out alone but don’t want to be left helpless in a large gym and too shy to ask around for help. This is a cozy, quiet place with a P.T. always on hand to help you.
    • It’s perfect for beginners because you get personalised guidance without having to spring for expensive P.T. sessions. Our trainer was Gurmeet Kaur, an ACE and FITM certified personal trainer.
    • The cost? RM299 a month, with no joining fee and you can pay monthly. Psst… there’ a New Year promotion going on right now, and your fees could go as low as RM225 a month. They’ll tell you more about it when you sign up.

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