• Turbo-charge your cardio

    You don’t need to spend 45 minutes on the treadmill to see results. A little running, a little weight work, and you’ve got a new sleek look.

    Your mission You’re 10 minutes into your treadmill routine and thinking, “Ugh! I still have 20 [or 30 or 40] minutes to go!” Don’t let the cardio doldrums waylay your get-lean plans. 


    > Hold a dumbbell in each hand at sides, palms facing legs, and stand with feet hipwidth and staggered about 15 centimeters apart [A].








     > Bend knees and lower into a squat as you curl weights to your shoulders, turning palms to face your body [B]. Return to starting position and repeat. Switch legs after 30seconds. 



    *For the full article please refer to Shape March 2011 Issue









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