• 10 Best Healthy Malaysian Restaurants

    Here’s a chance to make an important decision tonight; you can either head to your regular corner coffee shop or mamak for dinner or try something different, and nutritious, at these eateries.

    SIMPLE LIFE Kong Poh Lions Mane Mushroom

     1. Simple Life Restaurant

    Website:  www.simplelife.com.my

    FACEBOOK:  Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant

    The Simple Life is a vegetarian restaurant serving nutritious dishes made with organic ingredients. As you browse through its menu, you may find some familiar dishes, like nasi lemak, curry, asam pedas and even smoothies, but all are given a twist. One good example is the chef’s recommendation, which is the completely vegetarian Simple Life Nasi Lemak, which features multi-grain rice, and a sambal made from carrots and cabbage that’s cooked with extra virgin coconut oil. For curries, coconut milk is replaced with cashew nut powder, but it tastes just like the original version! The restaurant also prefers to use brown rice, whole wheat noodles and vermicelli for most of its dishes.

    Signature dishes: Lei Cha with Brown Rice, Ginger Extract with Brown Rice Mee Sua, Vegetarian Nasi Lemak, Curry Laksa and Popiah.



    2. Easy Green Salad

    WEBSITE:  www.easygreensalad.com.m

    FACEBOOK:  Easy Green Salad

    The Easy Green Salad is a cafe-like eatery offering a variety of salads. Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein make up a significant portion of its dishes.  The dressing are all-natural and the toppings include cheeses, nuts and seeds. We also like that it has a delivery and a pre-ordering service.

    Signature dishes: Hail Caesar, Eve’s Garden, Spring of Japan, London’s Calling



    3. BreadFruits

    FACEBOOK: BreadFruits

    BreadFruits is a small restaurant serving nutritious food that’s big on flavour. They only use whole foods without any of the processed stuff, including the herbs and spices that richly enhance the dishes. One of the key ingredients the restaurant uses is a flavoured wild honey that the chef makes himself, which is used in some of its dishes.

    Signature dishes: Apple Pear Wild Honey Pork Chop, Seafood Paella




    4. HALE Healthy Fast Food

    WEBSITE: www.halerestaurant.com

    FACEBOOK:  Hale Healthy Fast Food

    At HALE, the focus is on making healthy eating convenient and reasonably-priced. The idea for opening a fast food restaurant came when the founders, Jack and Jason, realised they had a hard time finding healthy fast foods that are easy to takeaway, and came with affordable prices. HALE uses fresh ingredients and avoids chemicals, artificial flavouring and preservatives. All foods are prepared only by grilling, roasting and baking – nothing is fried. Mixed red rice and organic wholemeal flour are used to produce the home-made burger bun, pizza crust and breakfast muffin, which  leaner cuts of meat are used for the protein elements of the dishes, such as chicken breast and beef brisket.

    Signature dishes: Australian grass-fed beef burger, Muesli yoghurt with green apples, Baked waffle fries, Green curry rice



    5. Simply Green Salad

    Website:  www.simplygreensalad.com

    FACEBOOK:  Simply Green Salad

    At this salad bar all the ingredients are purchased, prepared, marinated, and blended daily, in order to keep the freshness at a maximum. The salads are the centrepieces here, and you should expect a full house from at noon as this place is popular for light and quick lunches. Everything’s customisable, and you pick from a list of ingredients and they’ll put your salad together based on what you choose.


    Ashley's by Living Food 2

    6. Ashley’s by Living Food

    WEBSITE:  www.ashleys.my

    FACEBOOK:  Ashley’s by Living Food

    Serving everything from meat to raw vegan dishes, Ashley’s uses only organic and locally-sourced ingredients from independent producers. At Ashley’s by Living Food, food preparation is taken seriously and it starts with the nutritious ingredients, which are selected on the advise of the nutritionists at the LivingWell Centre for Advance Medicine. For example, sauces, dips and dressings are made in-house to make sure they are completely additive-free. It also  uses only sprouted nuts and seeds to improve the nutritional content of each ingredient.

    Signature dishes: The Posh Burger, Wagyu Beef Rib Pho Noodles, The Borneo Laksa, Living Chocolate Tart



    7. BMS Organics Vegetarian Cafe

    WEBSITE:  www.bmsorganics.com

    FACEBOOK:  BMS Organics

    BMS Organics Vegetarian Cafe serves mainly Malaysian food that doesn’t have any artificial flavouring or additives, and fresh ingredients. Seventy percent of all vegetables used at the restaurant are organic, grape seed oil, olive oil, and rice bran oil are the oils used, and the dishes are flavoured with sea and rock salts.  All dishes are cooked using purple clay cookware, which releases infrared rays when heated, is said to break down the fats in food and helps to lower cholesterol absorption. The minerals released by the pots also raise the alkaline content in the foods.

    Signature dishes: BMS Soy Milk Curry Laksa Handmade Noodle, BMS Hakka Lei Cha Multigrain Rice,  BMS Signature Nasi Lemak



    8. The Daily Habit Cafe

    website:  www.thedailyhabit.com.my

    FACEBOOK:   The Daily Habit


    The Daily Habit Cafe serves gluten-free, vegetarian and dairy-free meals and aims to promote clean-eating by using ingredients like wholegrains, legumes, seeds, nuts, sea salt, high quality oils and pure vinegars. The cafe does not use any processed food and its dishes are very low in sodium and added sugars. The Daily Habit also makes their own sugar- and oil-free buckwheat and chia bread, and quinoa with chia bread.

    Signature dishes: Wild Berries Quinoa Granola Parfait, Pure Soup, Pear Pomegranate Quinoa Salad



    9. Organica Lifestyle

    WEBSITE:  www.organicalifestyle.com

    FACEBOOK:  Organica Lifestyle

    Organica Lifestyle takes an integrative approach to health. The seasonally-engineered menu is  changed twice a year to give its customers new choices and introduce them to new ingredients and ways of preparing them. The menu features gluten-free bread, salads, cold-pressed juices, and a variety of savoury and sweet dishes that are gluten-, dairy- and egg-free. The cafe also sells health supplements and teas to take home, and offers yoga classes.

    Signature dishes: Quinoa Lemak, Zucchini Lemon Fritters



    10. Goodness Greens Cafe by La Juiceria

    WEBSITE: www.lajuiceria.com.my

    FACEBOOK:  The Goodness Greens Cafe

    Famous for its wide-range of cold-pressed juices, La Juiceria launches The Goodness Greens Café for customers who want healthier meal options when they’re not juicing. The most popular items are the smoothie bowls and the vegan soups. Besides these two, there’s a salad bar where you can customise your own bowl with over 70 ingredient choices.

    Signature dishes: Buddha Bowl, Smoothie Bowl Acai Berry and Pitaya, Nasi Lemak Wraps, Chicken Quinoa Wrap


    Extracted from SHAPE MALAYSIA July 2016

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