Just what you need to do to burn off the CNY cookies!

    It is impossible to say ‘No’ to CNY snacks when all those cookies and sweet treats are placed in front of you. Cheat days may turn into a cheat week. Worry not, we have made a list of all your favourite Chinese New Year treats and suggestions on how you can burn them off. 


    1. Kuih Kapit (Love Letters)

    Love letter biscuits look plain  but it can be really addictive once you get started on it. Four pieces of kuih kapit contributes to 210 calories. To burn that off you need to run for 26-minutes or do some general gardening for 42 minutes.


    2. Pineapple Tarts

    This is the most popular snack during Chinese New Year and you can’t say no to this as the Chinese believe that pineapple brings luck and prosperity. One piece has about 80 calories and you can burn it off by just playing a round of badminton into for 18 minutes.


    3. Kuih Bangkit

    If you have to choose one cookie to indulge in this Chinese New Year, make sure it’s the kuih Bangkit. It has the lowest calorie count of just 15 calories per piece (4g). To burn it off, it only takes a 2-minute run.


    4.Kuih Bahulu

    This cake-like treat without any icing to top it is another treat not to be missed. However you can rejoice as each piece of Bahulu only has 40 calories. To burn that off, start ironing your clothes. It only takes 13 minutes for a piece of Bahulu.


    5. Almond cookies

    Unfortunately eating an almond cookie does not make you any healthier unlike drinking almond milk. Click here to read about the pros and cons of drinking it. Just one piece has about 72 calories.If you are too lazy to run or squat, try tai-chi for 18 minutes.


    6. Honeycomb (Kuih Rose)

    Perhaps the prettiest cookie with a crunchy texture that is packed with ingredients such as coconut milk and sugar. Consuming just three pieces of this beautifully shaped cookie and you will add 150 calories into your diet. Since it’s the festive season, why not put on your dancing shoes and move to your favourite beats for 33-minutes to burn that off!


    7. Bak Kua

    Possibly the most sought after honey laden meat during this festive period. Wherever you decide to purchase it, the meat is guaranteed to have been grilled to perfection. However a slice of 94g will give you 370 calories, so think when you’re moving onto the second slice! To burn a slice of this, you can swim for 45 minutes, and you’re done! Click here for a swimming workout that could help you.


    8. Spring rolls

    Unlike fresh spring rolls, the one served during Chinese New Year is often deep-fried and filled with either dried, spicy shrimp or chicken floss. One tiny piece contributes to 22 calories, and that’s like 10-minutes of brisk walk.


    9. Cornflakes cookie

    Although this cookie has a generous amount of cereal on it but that does not mean it’s healthy. One piece has about 82.8 calories and you have to jog for 12 minutes to burn it off. Five pieces and you would need to jog for an hour.


    10. Peanut cookie

    Similarly to almond, eating nut-based cookies does not do any good for your weight. In fact they both have the same amount of calories per piece. You can try skipping from 20 minutes to burn off 72 calories for each piece consumed. Click here to know about the health benefits of nuts.
    *Calorie exercise counts are based on a 60kg, 30-year-old woman. 

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