Keep up your daily protein intake with these!

    Protein sources need not come exclusively from meat. Here’s a delicious list of foods with the right amount of protein content. They’re so simple, you can even whip it out at home!

    1.Oats for breakfast


    A cup of oats cooked with low fat milk and sprinkled with a quarter cup of chopped walnuts will give a satiated breakfast and at the same time provide 24 g of protein. Use yogurt and other fruits and nuts for variation.


    2.Grilled salmon with broccoli


    Preparing a dish with a palm-sized piece of salmon (85 g – 113 g) and served with a cup of broccoli will sum up to 22 g of protein. This heart-friendly, immune boosting salmon is rich in nutrients like vitamin B12, omega fatty acids and vitamin D.


    3.Egg curry served with fresh garden peas


    Two eggs served with half a cup of garden peas and mixed vegetables will provide 20 g of protein. Eggs are high in quality animal protein and contain all the amino acids needed for the human body. This humble produce can easily provide 6 g of protein per egg.


    4.Stir fried tofu with vegetables and dhal curry


    A small block of vegan-friendly tofu that is half cup (126 g) provides 10 g of protein. A good meal served with stir fried tofu (1 piece) with mixed vegetables served with half a cup of dhal will provide 20 g of protein in a meal. The dish is low in calories and an excellent source of iron and calcium.


    5.Kale salad with chickpeas and tempeh bits


    Half a cup of chickpeas tossed with a cup of shredded kale (kai-lan-choy) and a quarter cup of tempeh bits will provide up to 17 to 28 g of protein in a meal. Chickpeas are known to be high in protein content and fiber content.


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