• 5 Ways to Eat Clean

    Here are some quick tips!

    Eating clean is no different than working out every week. It requires the same effort and discipline. Here are the simple and quick ways to eat clean!

    1. Avoid processed food

    Applesauce, strawberry jam and nuggets, we love them! These come with more additives than nutrients. Check the list of ingredients before purchasing a food. Choose more whole foods and it is better to eat fruits and vegetables as natural as they are. Cook with real meat instead of processed ones like hot dogs, and turkey hams.

    1. Snack Wisely

    We all have that craving to munch on something after having a good meal. Always avert your eyes from the salty junk food! Instead, look into healthy snacks. How about making your very own potato fries at home or apple chips sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg? Roast some nuts for your munch-break as it is packed with protein and carbohydrate.

    1. Bye-Bye Fast Food

    These are laden with calories and oil. Smothered with trans-fat, they can increase the cholesterol level in your body. You can find trans-fat in baked goods, fried foods, creamer and margarine! According to Mayoclinic.org, monounsaturated fats are healthier option and usually found in olives, peanuts and canola oil.

    1. Hello Balanced Meal!

    Be moderate when it comes to filling your plate. Have more veggies than meat. Always remember that carbs, proteins and fats are important for the body to keep that energy going. For example, fill your plate with a carb source like brown rice, grilled fish or chicken and vegetable salad. Note that grilling is much healthier way of eating.

    1. Drink

    You need water to cleanse your digestive system and to keep yourself hydrated! Drinking water proves to give a clearer complexion and boosts your energy. Flush those unwanted toxins by drinking at least 2 big bottles of water a day.



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