• Fuel Up With Olive Oil

    Feel hungry all the time?

    Incorporate olive oil into your diet to feel fuller for longer, claims a new study conducted by work groups at the Technical University of Munich, in Germany and the University of Vienna, in Vienna, Austria. Over a period of three months, researchers tracked study participants who supplemented their daily diet with 500 grams of low-fat yoghurt enriched with lard, butterfat, grapeseed oil or olive oil. “Olive oil had the biggest satiety effect,” says Peter Scheirberle, Head of the Technical University of Munich Chair of Food Chemistry and director of the German Research Center fir Food Chemistry. More importantly, no participants from the olive oil group recorded an increase in their body fat percentage during the study period. The key to olive oil’s satiety success: Its aroma, which researchers say helps consumers adapt their eating habits to avoid taking in extra calories. Try this at home!

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