• Get Off-The-Charts Energy!

    How do music stars stay revved from morning workouts to nighttime concerts? We asked their chefs and nutritionists to spill their secrets so you can have the stamina to tackle your day head-on.

    YOU MAY NOT RULE THE RADIO LIKE PINK, and chances are you don’t have Rihanna’s 3,866,081 (and counting) Facebook fans. But there is one thing you (and every woman on the planet) have in common with these megastars: You could probably use more energy.

    “Musicians’ schedules are incredibly grueling,” says Ashley Koff, R.D., a Los Angeles dietitian who works with top singers. “They may spend the morning on a cross-country flight and then have to perform that evening—burning more than 1000 calories during a two-hour concert.” Eating the right foods is critical to keeping these stars powered all day long, so who better to turn to for advice than the experts who help them fuel up? Their strategies are guaranteed to give you high-voltage energy too!

    *For the full article please refer to Shape September 2011 Issue

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