Try these corn chips!

    Mission Foods has just introduced two new flavours of chips – Multigrain and Corn & Rice Chips that we can’t resist. A healthier option on the days you’re feeling peckish, these chips are made of 100% corn, have 30% less oil than potato chips, and contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives! 


    Multigrain chips

    These are made with whole stone-ground corn and enriched with superfoods such as oats, soybean, white and black sesame, and linseed which gives it a distinctive nutty taste and a grainy texture. It’s great on its own or with an equally healthy dip.


    Corn & rice chips


    This is a gluten-free savoury snack. Also made from stone-ground corn treated with lime, and rice meal, it has a mild taste with great depth of flavours. It’s ideal for dipping with any spicy or creamy dips.


    The chips come in 65g and 170g bags, and are priced at RM2.99 and RM6.99 respectively.

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