Knowledge on nutritional value of foods that you consume helps you to eat and binge smartly for a better health and body. These are some nutrition facts that will make you want to rethink some of the foods that you may have pushed to the back of the shelf. 


    1. Relive the taste of greens

    nutrition, wheatgrass

    Who would have thought that the delicate little grass could pack a powerful punch of nutrition? Wheatgrass is the young green shoots of wheat plant called triticum aestivum that are milled down and juiced to produce a thick raw liquid. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids needed by the human body and are made up of 70% chlorophyll which is filled with great healing properties. We challenge you to a 30ml shot daily and get ready to feel the difference!


    2. The perfect sipping point

    hot coffee, nutrition

    Liquids at 60 deg celcius and higher can scorch this part of your GI system, which can promote tumours, experts say. The International Agency for Research on Cancer just classified drinking very hot beverages as possibly carcinogenic to humans. Previous research shows that hot drinks are often served at 71 deg celcius to 85 deg celcius but most people prefer them at 60 deg celcius, says Kenneth R. Diller, a professor of biomedical engineering at the University of Texas. He has researched the optimal temperature for serving hot beverages. He suggested sipping slowly and even slurping to prevent yourself from drinking a scalding hot brew.


    3. Be an egghead

    eggs, nutrition

    Choline is a key nutrient in brain and nervous system functioning that can help fend off memory loss as you age. If you’re pregnant, choline is especially important because it helps babies’ brains develop. Eggs are a top source of it (one has 125mg) says researcher Taylor C. Wallace, Ph.D., a professor of nutrition at George Mason University. Think beyond breakfast: Stuff chopped hard-boiled eggs into burritos or tacos, or grate the cooked yolks over paste or vegetables.

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