Try out these sahur meals!

    When you’re fasting during Ramadan, Sahur, which is the meal consumed before dawn, is an important one. The pre-dawn meal keeps hunger pangs at bay while ensuring that that you stay energised throughout the day. Here are some healthy Sahur meal ideas to keep you energised through the day. 


    1. Overnight oats

    It is oats that is soaked overnight with either yoghurt or milk. To make your overnight oats, mix equal parts of raw rolled oats, milk or yoghurt and put them in the fridge (you can choose to cover or uncover your bowl). When it’s time to eat, add your favourite topping. Choose from banana slices, berries, kiwi slices or even superfoods like chia seeds.


    2. Toast and fresh toppings

    Fancy some toast? Toast some whole wheat slices, smother them with peanut butter, then add some sliced avocado, tomato, or banana – yum!  Drizzle some honey or sprinkle some salt for some extra flavour, or have it with your favourite fruits for toppings. You can also top your toast with a sunny side up or poached eggs for a classic alternative.


    3.  Tortilla wrap with eggs, cheese and spinach

    This is an easy and delicious sahur meal. Spinach is loaded with tons of nutrients and it’s low in calories. The protein and fat in eggs will help you to sustain your energy levels! Try this – cook spinach and eggs (scrambled, half or fully boiled), add cheese slices, then lay them on the tortilla wrap and start folding.


    4. Quinoa, coconut milk, nuts and dried fruits

    If you choose to go for something that is slightly heavy but you’re not in the mood for rice, quinoa is the answer. The gluten-free and high-protein superfood can be eaten on its own  or it can be topped with ingredients like kale, cranberries, nuts or dried fruits. You can also eat it with any gravy or side dish of choice.


    5. Smoothies

    If you really have no time to cook (or simply are lazy!), have a smoothie instead. They’re delicious and simply refreshing for you to get started with the day. Blend yoghurt, milk, banana, oatmeal, spinach and avocado to keep you satiated. You can also add nut butter, honey, and basically just about anything that you like or can find in your local market.


    6. Fruit and yoghurt parfait

    Using a tall jar, start with the base with Greek yoghurt, then layer up a bunch of berries, an overnight oat or granola, more yoghurt and berries, then top with some soaked chia seeds. The best part about making a breakfast parfait is that you can make a few extra jars as a stock for the next few days.


    7. Sandwich

    From chicken, tuna, salmon to just vegetable filling, they are definitely easy to eat – and well-balanced, depending on what you put in. Opt for whole grain bread instead of white, as they are packed with nutrients including protein, fibre and vitamin B. Pick your filling – from fresh greens, avocados, tomatoes, radishes, and boiled eggs.



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