Try these for that daily dose of greens!

    While fruits are easy to nibble on in the office and during lunch breaks, vegetables unfortunately aren’t as sweet or pretty looking. As a result, most of us aren’t getting the adequate amount of nutrition for our daily intake. But fear not, here is a little inspiration on how you can sneak in veggies for your daily office meals without you even noticing it.


    #1 Substitute raw veggies for crackers, bread or even tortillas


    We’re all prone to munching in between meals at the office or even during lunch breaks, and there’s no denying that most of us have our very own secret munchies stash hidden somewhere in the office. Now instead of that potato cracker or Oreo, why don’t you substitute it with raw veggies such as chilled cucumber, sliced tomatoes, cut up bell peppers or even kale. Your snacks might taste a little different that usual, but it sure does pack a more nutritious and healthier punch.


    #2 Drink your veggies


    Another foolproof way to sneak in veggies to your daily meal is to juice your carrots, greens and beets. Or better yet, add them to your normal smoothie and make your very own green smoothie. Spinach, kale and mache are some of the veggies that can be used to make these smoothies that is loaded with vitamins and keeps you energized throughout the day.


    #3 Add a salad to every meal


    Buy bags of pre-washed greens or arugula for easy, fast salads. Keeping a jar of delicious homemade salad dressing in the office pantry helps a lot with this. Now all you have to do is just to eat them after every meal (or even before) and walla, you’ve had your daily veggie mix. Just think of them as desserts and they’ll go down in no time.


    #4 Have a box of veggies delivered every week


    If you have a habit of ordering your lunch once a week to the office, then be sure to substitute it with something green, such as a bowl of broccoli, kale or purple salads. If a box of vegetables shows up at your desk every so often, you’re more likely to start your green eating habit flawlessly.


    #5 Go green on the sandwich


    The next time you pack that deli sandwich for the office, add in a few extra veggies like sliced bell pepper, spinach or even iceberg lettuces. Sandwiched in between the ham and all that dressing, you won’t even notice your getting your daily fill of greens!


    #6 Bagel Babe


    If you’re a fan of bagels, especially for  breakfast, then be sure to substitute that cream cheese for a healthy dose of hummus on your bagel (yes hummus are considered as vegetables as they’re made from chickpeas) It’s a great source of fiber and not to mention, tasty too.


    #7 Swap your mayo for a veggie spread


    Here’s something not many of us have thought of before, but swaping mayo for veggie spreads is an ingenious idea to get your daily nutritional balance. Ditch mayonnaise and butters on sandwiches or crackers and instead, make your own dressing with blended basil, garlic, spinach, olive oil or even with  a little pesto to add an  instant burst of flavour.


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