• Try This Recipe: Passion Fruit Madness

    Passion fruits are delicious and can be whipped up into even more delicious recipes!

    Exotic looking, for sure, but this super-healthy food is surprisingly easy to handle–and so versatile, it makes anything taste great.

    The tough-shelled little fruit, which tastes a bit like sweet-tart citrus, is a nutritional powerhouse with lots of vitamin A and a hefty dose of fiber. Kuniko Yagi, executive chef of Hinoki & the Bird in Los Angeles, loves using passion fruit in her recipes this time of year. Here’s how she does it.


    Passion fruit may be one of the few cases where wrinkles are a good thing. Chef Yagi says that you should look for the biggest fruit you can find (about the size of a plum) and wait for it to wrinkle before eating. Store at room temperature and eat within three days of puckering.


    The tough rind isn’t edible; get to the good stuff by cutting the fruit horizontally over a bowl to catch the juice. Scoop out the inside and if you don’t want to use the seeds, press the flesh through a strainer. Freeze any extra pulp in ice-cube trays.


    Its tangy flavor makes passion fruit a great match for a delicate fish. Top those grilled or sautéed whitefish (like cod or halibut) with a passion fruit sauce. To whip up the sauce, mix the flesh of one fruit with the mixture of equal parts honey and water; cook over low heat for 5 minutes, pour over fish, and serve. And for a seemingly fancy (but super easy) dessert, add the fruit to a bowl of yogurt or ice cream. The fruit’s acidity balances the creaminess of dairy–and the seeds add a nice crunch.


    Per fruit: 17 calories, 2g fiber, 5.5mg vitamin C, 229 IU vitamin A

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