Save money, and eat well with these tips!

    Don’t waste those scraps, if you’re not composting them.  Use leftovers like pulp, peels, and even stale bread into delicious dishes with creative, healthy recipes using discarded food. 


    1.Veggie cream cheese

    It can be disheartening to watch a huge mound of veggies turn into a small glass of juice. But the pulp is super useful, says Melvin Major Jr., of Melvin’s Juice Box in New York City. If you have pepper or spinach pulp, mix it into plain cream cheese to make a veggie cream cheese spread. You can also add it to hummus!


    2. Eat the leaves!

    If you normally trim and toss the leaves from of a head of broccoli or from celery, you’re wasting delicious greens. The tops of beets and carrots are also tasty. Sauté for a side dish, add to salads, or puree with nuts and cheese into pesto.


    3. Brighten up a smoothie

    Citrus juice adds a fresh kick to your morning smoothie—and so does the peel. Save them and zest into your blend for a powerful flavor punch.


    4. A fancy puree

    Vegetable scraps like fresh pea skins and parsnip tops and peels can be pureed into a flavorful accompaniment to a protein like roasted chicken or shrimp scampi.


    5. Bone broth or chicken stock

    Homemade broth or stock take any recipe up a notch. And, these dishes are basically made from food scraps. Try this bone broth recipe and see why it’s good for you.


    6. Homemade smoothie packs

    Those salad greens that are getting kind of limp… that banana that’s turning brown… the berries that are getting mushy… throw them all into Ziploc bags in the freezer and you’ll have pre-mixed smoothie packs. On a busy morning, dump one into a blender with some liquid. Breakfast in a flash!


    7. Bread salad

    You can make tons of yummy food from stale bread, like croutons, bread crumbs, and bread pudding.


    8. Cure meat with celery

    Celery contains enough naturally occurring nitrates to cure meat, says Hill. The restaurant juices extra trimmings of celery, mixes the juice with juniper and spices, and creates a rub to cure bacon for six days before smoking it.


    9. Stir fry the stalks

    Broccoli florets get all the love, but the stalks are delicious and nutritious too. Trim off the woody exterior, chop ‘em up, and cook as you would the florets.


    10. Moist burgers

    The pulp from your juicer also adds juiciness to burgers, says Major. He recommends using apple or carrot pulp.

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