• Your Fav Festive Treats… Weighed In

    When Hari Raya rolls around, it can only mean three things: Family gatherings, the ubiquitous green Packets, and the abundance of sweet festive treats. As much as we enjoy eating these Raya treats, we need to watch the amount of sugar and calories consumed. For nutritional insights, we asked Rozanna M.Rosly, Council Member of the Malaysian Dieticians’ Association to do the math and weigh in on Hari Raya favourites, plus the best ways to burn them off!

    • Honey Flakes
      The Honey Cornflakes Cookie, also known as honey joy cookie, is a definite Hari Raya must-have! Its sweet and sticky yet crunchy texture is tantalising to the taste buds, making it a great treat to snack on while visiting your friends and family.
      Calorie count: 1piece (25g) = 93 calories
      Burn it off: walk the stair-step machine for 15 minutes.
    • Almond Delight
      Almond London Cookies are an all time Malaysian favourite cookie that is often found in cookie jars during festive celebrations. A bite of this chocolate-flavoured biscuit combined with toasted almonds and you will find yourself asking for more!
      Calorie count: 1piece (20g) = 110 calories
      Burn it off: Tai Chi for 30 minutes.
    • Snowy Crunch
      Kuih Bangkit or tapioca biscuits, are sweet biscuits that melt into a powdery mess in your mouth. Made from roasted tapioca blended with coconut milk, this particular cookie is most sought after especially during festive seasons!
      Calorie count: 1piece (10g) = 40 calories
      Burn it off: Mop or vacuum the floor for 15 minutes.
    • Anartistic Indulgence
      The name of this cookie is a mystery to many, because no one knows its exact origin. Mama Carrie Cookies are made with a shortbread-style base, topped with royal icing and decorated artistically with chocolate swirls. Just one piece and you are bound to be smitten!
      Calorie count: 1piece (20g) = 100 calories
      Burn it off: ride a stationary bicycle for 15 minutes.
    • Pop That Tart
      No festive celebration is complete without buttery, flaky and gorgeous Pineapple Tarts. These delicious and beautiful tarts pack and intense pineapple flavour and buttery aroma that will make you want a second helping. Satisfaction guaranteed.
      Calorie count: 1piece (20g) = 64 calories
      Burn it off: brisk walk in a park for 15 minutes.
    • Authentic Bites
      Kuih Bahulu is a traditional Malaysian favourite and is often baked during festive seasons. These sweet little treats come in many different shapes and sizes. Greeting your guests with a few kuih bahulu and a cup of coffee is a surefire way to please their hearts this Hari Raya!
      Calorie count: 1piece (15g) = 60 calories
      Burn it off: rake the lawn for 15 minutes.
    • Go Nuts
      Rempeyek Kacang Teri (peanut and anchovy crackers) is a much sought-after snack that can be a good substitute for potato and taco chips. As it’s made with flour, peanuts, anchovies and kaffir lime leaves fried to perfection, munching on this crunchy calorific odyssey (in moderation) is definitely worth your while.
      Calorie count: 1piece (20g) = 70 calories
      Burn it off: play badminton for 15 minutes.
    • Sweet Layers
      Irresistibly moist and buttery with just the right degree of sweetness, the Sarawak Layer Cake is traditionally served in Sarawak on special occasions like Hari Raya, birthdays and wedding. Enjoy these amazing cakes over cups of tea conversation with your friends and family-after all, they are hailed as Sarawak’s best!
      Calorie count: 1piece (40g) = 160 calories
      Burn it off: go club dancing for 30 minutes.
    • Butter Addict
      Light, crumbly and pleasing to the palate, Kuih Semperit (Dahlia Cookies) is a traditional favourite. It has a delicate texture with a tinge of crunchiness. Pop one of these decadent treats into your mouth and you will forever crave kuih semperit
      Calorie count: 1piece (10g) = 40 calories
      Burn it off: move and tidy the living hall for 15 minutes.
    • Chocolate Kicks
      Sweetly tempting, Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies are a classic that is doubly satisfying for any special occasion. Rolled in whole oats and chocolate chips, your guest will be pleasantly pampered with each delectable bite from this perfect oats-and-chocolate-biscuit combo.
      Calorie count: 1piece (20g) = 120 calories
      Burn it off: swim for 15 minutes.