Get the perfect gym updo with these simple steps!

    It’s always nice to have your hair up when you’re working. Not only do you look neat, but it’s also gives you a nice silhouette in photos.  Here’s how you can go about the perfect gym updo! 


    1. Skip the brush

    “Use your hands to pull your hair into a ponytail at the crown of your head,” says Matt Fugate, a consulting hairstylist for Kérastase. “This keeps some texture in your hair, which looks cool and helps hide sweat.” If your hair appears more oily than sexy, spritz a powder volumizer into the roots to soak up moisture and add lift. Then redo the ponytail. Try Original & Mineral Atomic Thickening Spritz (RM110).


    2. Work on your body

    Mist your ponytail with a texture spray, like Davines Your Hair Assistant Perfecting Spray (RM79), then run your fingers up the hair to gently tease it. Ruffling it a bit adds volume, which will make your bun bigger, Fugate explains. Now wrap the hair around the base of the pony.


    3. Stick the landing

    A few bobby pins slipped into the bun will hold it securely. “But I also allow some strands to fall out. The look seems more effortless that way,” Fugate says. To make sure those pieces don’t get frizzy, spray a bit of oil, like L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Eclat Imperial (RM41.35), into your palms, then run them over the errant tendrils.


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