Have you ever wondered about the true secrets of wellness? You’d be surprised to know that there really are no secrets at all. Wellness is brought about by four factors: a balanced diet, regular exercise, better stress management and a close-knit social structure. When these factors are in check, you get longevity. 

    According to recent research by CHANEL, skin or cutaneous longevity is also influenced by the same four wellness factors. The research was conducted in the Blue Zones, the world’s longevity hotspots: Nicoya in Costa Rica, Sardinia in Italy, Ikaria in Greece and Okinawa in Japan, where people have been recorded to live longer and healthier lives than others. By crossing the data gathered on cutaneous ageing with the latest studies on longevity, CHANEL Research has identified similarities between the behaviour of centenarians and that of people whose skin maintain a youthful appearance long term. The four mechanisms to skin longevity are:

    • Cellular energy, comparable to daily physical exercise 
    • Cellular metabolism, as important as a balanced diet 
    • Adaptation to cellular stress, essential in facing the onslaught of daily life
    • Intercellular communications, essential for skin wellness 

    Translate that into skin longevity, and you have the CHANEL Blue Serum. It promotes wellness from within to maintain skin youthfulness. The three longevity ingredients in the serum; green coffee, olive and lentisk (a mineral), are transformed into a trio of active ingredients to encourage health and youthfulness, leaving skin firmer, more even-toned and with fewer and less pronounced wrinkles. 


      The 3 active ingredients  


    Green coffee of Costa Rica : Contains powerful anti-ageing molecules found only in this coffee: kahweol and cafestol. CHANEL used it to create an exclusive active ingredient with longevity power: green coffee PFA.

    Lentisk of Greece : CHANEL drew inspiration from a thousand-year-old spice transformed using an avant-garde technology into a powerful active ingredient: lentisk (or mastic) gum extract.

    Olive of Sardinia : The oleo-active ingredient is created from the leaves and fruits of the Sardinian olive tree. It offers anti-ageing and antioxidant properties.

      For healthier and younger looking skin, try some for yourself! 

    REGISTER HERE to redeem a sample of the CHANEL Blue Serum.

    Drop by any CHANEL beauty boutique for more information on the new CHANEL Blue Serum.

    Chanel Blue Serum will be launching in Malaysia on 4th January 2017.



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