Try these quick fixes for your body during the heat!

    While it’s great to have some fun in the sun, it can also lead to various heat bummers such as dry skin, breakouts and chafing. Here are some fast fixes for common heat bummers.


    After you exercise, wash up with an antibacterial cleanser to reduce blemish-causing germs, and follow up with a salicylic acid-containing products to treat specific areas.


    2. Sunburn

    Feeling a post-workout-burn but not the kind you were hoping for? If skin turns pink and painful despite your best efforts, pop Advil or another OTC anti-inflammatory, says Tina Alster, M.D., a dermatologist in Washington, DC. You can also try to calm tender spots with cold milk compress. “Milk has several ingredients that tend to be very soothing, including protein,” says New York City dermatologist Francesca Fusco, M.D. But if you start to flake, avoid picking. “Peeling your skin prematurely can lead to uneven pigmentation and scarring,” warns Alster.


    3. Dry Hair

    Soften tresses with deep conditioner once a week. If they still feel dehydrated post-styling, smooth the conditioner on your ends. “Coating the damaged cuticles allows them to smoothen, so hair looks much healthier,” says Jet Rhys, a stylist in San Diego. Another must for keeping damaged end in check is to schedule regular trims with your hairstylist.


    4. Blisters & Chafing

    Speed healing by placing a hydrating patch over the areas to avoid introducing bacteria. “A blister serves as a protective barrier until new skin replaces it,” says Alster. If you must pop it to relieve the pressure and pain, do so carefully. Swab skin with alcohol first and use a sterilised needle.


    5. Excessive sweating

    Bloating damp areas with a towel or sweeping on mattifying powder to absorb shine will help, but to truly slow down overactive sweat glands, you’ll need to lower your core temperature, says Alster. Take time out to sip on ice water or find the nearest breeze. And if all else fails, try thinking dry: “After a workout, visualise yourself calm and cool,” says Marmur. “Your heart rate will come down, and you’ll actually sweat less.



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