Tackle combination hair problems with these tips!

    Most of us have combination hair, expert says. The bigger question is what type of combo. Once you’ve discovered that, find out how to adjust your routine and bring out the healthy, silky, shiny hair you were meant to have with these tips: 


    1. Damaged, dry top later + Oily underneath

    Sweating heavily during a HIIT or hot yoga causes an oil buildup on the under layers of your hair, especially where the moisture gathers at the nape of the neck. Add in lots of outdoor fun plus any colour treatments, and you’ll find that “your top layer is damaged because of its direct exposure to UV rays, heat styling, and bleaching,” says Jet Rhys, a hairstylist in San Diego.

    Your Custom Plan: To combat greasy under layers, aim dry shampoo into the underside of the hair before your workouts to soak up oil.


    2. Oily roots + Dry ends

    When you work out a lot, you sweat a lot, and the scalp releases natural oils. While that sweat and oil mix doesn’t affect the health of your hair, over washing does. “It dries out the scalp, which kicks your sebaceous glands into overdrive, making them produce more oil and forcing you to cleanse again,”
    Rummo says. “All that cleansing means that those natural oils never travel down the length of your hair shaft to moisturize it, and blow-drying zaps moisture even more.” Under washing brings its own problems: Your ends may be less dry, but your roots stay greasy.

    Your Custom Plan: Wash every other day with an oil-controlling shampoo. Then, once a week, multi mask before you shower, and rinse them  out after five minutes.


    3. Flaky scalp + Dry ends

    We all have a yeast-like fungus that lives on our scalp, but when you don’t wash your hair often enough
    or you happen to have a scalp that’s either too oily or too dry, then you exacerbate that fungus, causing
    dandruff. “The fungi feed on all the oil and dead skin cells,” Kingsley says. And since the pores on the scalp are blocked from oil and dead cells, sebum is unable to make its way from your sebaceous glands down to your ends, so they get dry, Rummo says.

    Your Custom Plan: You’ll want to shampoo daily until your dandruff is under control. “Really massage it into your scalp using small, circular motions. This increases circulation and speeds healing,” Rummo says.


    4. Straight and flat in some spots + Wavy and wiry in others

    Sometimes hair seems to have a mind of its own—certain sections lie perfectly straight and flat, while
    others coil and frizz uncontrollably.

    Your Custom Plan: If you want to go all wavy, apply a curl cream to damp strands, scrunch, then air-dry. “Wrap any remaining straight pieces around a small 1/2- to 3/4-inch curling iron to give them body,” Rummo says. For smooth hair all over, blow-dry using two brushes: A round brush adds volume to flat areas, Rhys says, and a paddle brush controls the frizzy areas.

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